Monday, July 13, 2009

PKSPP team was success apprehending the suspicious man along the long blade

Penang 3rd May, around 8pm, during the surveillance around the area Jelutong, our team members notice a suspicious man was loitering around the housing area. Upon approaching that suspicious man, he suddenly pull out a blade and attack our team members, our team members was agility avoid the attack and he was try to escape. However, our team members able to over-power him after calling for more back-up to assist. During the commotion, all resident was alert and aware at the scenario.

After apprehending that suspicious man, our team members then notify to the Police Force and that suspicious man was brought to the Police Station, Police had also recover a 12 inches long blade from that suspicious man. The resident was happy and appreciate our PKSPP team for helping them. According to one of the resident and also the witness, that suspicious man already loitering around the area since afternoon, and then he was follow Police to the Police Station to file a report.

Our team leader is very happy with the case and said that our PKSPP team will always help to survey the neighborhood and assist the Police. However, he also warn the team members in the future must protect their own shelf as personal safety first, not again to approach the assailant by bare hand. Finally he said that, hopefully Police will seek for the truth and notice of the assailant.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

PKSPP was using walkie talkie to reduce the crime rate

Penang 23th March, the Penangites had voluntarily form Pasukan Keselamatan Sukarela Pulau Pinang "PKSPP" mainly to serve the people in Penang Island so that the crime rate can be lessen. PKSPP hope that the Government will support this noble act.

PKSPP team leader said, the team starting was form by 30 members and had already submit its application to the Komtar District YB Tuan Ng Wei Aik to validate the bodies. Within the island, the members communicate via walkie talkie as a channel of safety communication and update instantly with other who can share this beneficial info.

At first, they will start their surveillance within Komtar area and step by step hope to expand to the whole island. They also would like to seek for more participation of volunteer and hope that some district Rukun Tetangga or other volunteer patrol team could join their team and work together, because they believe that with the strong and growing network they had, whenever there is crime, they could react immediatly and assist the victim because they need help.

According YB Tuan Ng Wei Aik said, the crime rate in Penang Island is high and the Police Force was also inadequate therefore he believe PKSPP able to serve for the people of Penang.

PKSPP was guided by 21 Rules & Regulations and 4 Criterion on the usage of walkie talkie. This is to make sure the members will obey the rules and does not act on personal interest like example:

1.The members are not allowed to be around with weapon.
2.Without permission the members are not allowed to enter private property.
3.The members does not accept monetary rewards or benefits from the public.
4.The members will definitely obey the Police Force's instruction.

YB Tuan Ng Weik also said that, since last month the PKSPP had perform a routine surveillance along Malacca Street as there were frequent fire accident cause by improper activities. After the continuous routine, they had reduce the cases and had receive commendation from the public & Police Department. At last YB Tuan Ng Wei Aik said that he will get the PKSPP to be registered as a approved voluntarily safety team for the Penang Island soon.

(At present, the PKSPP after being established in short two months, the members are increased more than hundred people, now the present number is more than 150 members)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

PKSPP Application Form

For those who interested, please download following application form, after fills in the form together with 4 pcs photo (passport size) and 2 copies of photostat I/C (both side), as well as walkie talkie expense MYR380 per piece, then contacts us, we can arrange the specialist to assist to join.

Pasukan Keselamatan Sukarela Pulau Pinang Established

The Pasukan Keselamatan Sukarela Pulau Pinang had form since 23rd March 2009. The purpose of the safety voluntary group is responsible for the protection of lives, and property of the citizens in order to provide a safe and healthy community to live, work, attend school and share recreational and leisure activities. Special functions of the group include safety programs, juvenile delinquency control and crime prevention programs. Safety voluntary group activities include an anticipated response to disaster and traffic accidents, ongoing activity with proactive patrol activities such as vacation house watches and specialized night security patrol. Participation in this program is entirely voluntary. If you have any questions about these matters, or for those who interested please contact the number at below.